this week’s new books!



Hell is Real (I Just Hate To Admit It) by Brian Jones (published by David C. Cook)
I know this doesn’t exactly sound like a fun book to read, but actually it very much was just that! I (Randy) couldn’t put it down. Jones keeps things interesting with some thoughtful and enlightening personal stories. Jones asks some very pointed questions worth asking like ‘If Hell is real, why don’t I believe it?’ This book is not a response to Rob Bell’s recent book and is not necessarily a defense of the doctrine of hell, but the book really shines when it comes to the closing chapters which are basically, ‘If hell is real, what should I do about it.’ Brian Jones shows some real insight at that point and shares some ideas worth considering. I think you will be happily surprised by his practical well reasoned hard-earned advice. Recommended. (Come in mentioned this post and get %15 off the retail price.)



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