Clean Water Project

Millions of people around the world, children and adults alike, don’t have clean water to drink, let alone for bathing or cooking. In many areas, it’s impossible for Bible translators to work because water is so unavailable.

No one can live without fresh, clean water. Where translators are able to work at all, their work is slowed down by the ceaseless quest, the desperate need, for clean water.

This is far more than just a problem for translation teams, however. Accessing clean water is a life-or-death struggle for multitudes of the people we are trying to reach with God’s Word—and many are losing this battle.

“It’s hard to share the hope of the gospel when they’re dying of physical thirst.” said one of Wycliffe’s volunteers.

In 2008, Wycliffe Associates launched Operation Clean Water to provide a solution to the problem that plagues many Bible translation projects – and prevents new ones from starting. Wycliffe Associates mobilizes skilled volunteers with a passion for Bible translation and brings them into the missionaries’ communities. The teams provide innovative solutions to water problems, fixing existing water systems, providing the expertise to build new ones, and training the communities to maintain them. They seek to develop water supplies at existing translation centers and bring clean water to isolated communities as a first step in starting a new translation.

As our missionaries work among people who have so little that life can easily become overwhelming and nearly impossible without a strong dependence on God. It’s hard to grasp a concept of poverty until you meet a real person who doesn’t have food to eat or clean water to drink. As translators demonstrate God’s love by meeting physical needs of the people, their hearts become more open to God’s message of hope through His written Word.

The Corner Bookstore at Calvary is partnering with REACH Global Missions and Wycliffe Associates to supply water for a thirsty world. There are two simple ways that you can be a part of bringing hope through water and the Word.

  1. When you purchase the “Book of the Week”, all proceeds will go towards supplying the funds for Wycliffe Associates Operation Clean Water partnerships.
  2. You can also make a direct donation in one of the buckets at The Corner.

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